American Airlines Tennis Tournament
About AA Tennis

In 1975. with Cecile Enright and Arvid Ronnfelt as directors, a small group of employees played the first
American Airlines tennis tournament which took place at the Margaret Court Ranch in Tucson, Arizona.
Since then, we have had 14 different tournament directors, and have changed sites 9 times.

Today, 41 years later, the faces and locations have changed, but the enthusiam and love for the sport of tennis continues.

Lets start by thanking those who were integral in bringing you our 41th tournament:

Bill Talbot and Nour Nouri who were instrumental in the scheduling of the tournament.
Kimmie, Stacy, Autumn and Bri for organizing the raffle program.
Gup Delisle for keeping us entertained at the Mexican Buffet
Chris Smart for keeping the hospitality suite stocked.
The Hillsboro Club staff for their help and support,
And our directors Mary Akin and Veronica Stanfield. 
they did a fantastic job of making this tournament exciting and fun.

A special shoutout goes to Martin and Shirley Brody. The Brodys were present at the very first AA tournament in 1975, and they continue to grace us with their presence every year.

The 2017 tournament will start May 1st, and end May 4th, 2017. Registration entry forms for 2017 are now available. 

Thanks for visiting!  Please tell your tennis friends about this website, so they too can be a part of this funfilled tennis tournament. Hope you all have a wonderful year. We shall stay in touch.     

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